The Original Jack of All Trades…

Samson, an undeniable strength according to the old testament. But, goes by Sam to everyone he meets and is by far the best Dad. Quirky, yet very innovative, he has shown me how to truly blaze through life with nothing but sheer determination.

His life was not easy, growing up in a big family, in poverty and suffering several medical and traumatic events have caused difficulties in his journey but never tainted his soul. The stories he shared shocked and left me in disbelief. My Dad had been placed in over thirty different homes by the time he was 10 years old due to his mother being hospitalized due to a mental breakdown and placed in the mental health centre until she passed away years later.

Growing up, I spent days following my Dad. We would hang out with his friends, work on cars and even watched him take swings at the grizzly bear suit with a baseball bat! I sat on the sidelines while he helped Troy with his Grizzly Documentary. Everyday was a new adventure, and I enjoyed being his sidekick. I even witnessed his redneck projects, I still remember the day my brother asked my dad to bring us sliding. Without any sled, tobagan or crazy carpet we still managed to go sliding… With the hood of an old 1980 ford pick up truck of all things! My brother was so excited, while I was mortified at the thought of everyone making fun of us. But, the look on everyone’s face when we raced down the hill at lightning speed was priceless. He always managed to make sure we had fun even without having any money, he could fix anything and always had great imagination when it came to fabricating solutions for broken items around the house. My husband has spent countless hours laughing at my Dad’s gadgets and gizmos he would put together for our kids.

His methods of fixing things are very questionable to say the least… Brut force and french cursing seem to be his go to method. I swear if a camera followed him, he would entertain the world. He has had years of experience with fixing things with mostly broken items. Trust me, he was a junk collector. I’ve spent alot of time at scrap yards and dumps to prove my theories. Also, having a mother with the worst luck in vehicles did not help the situation.

He is also very profound when it came to giving my brother and I sound advice. He always knew what to say, and how to make every problem seem small in comparison. It didn’t help that he is quite the chatter box, our punishment mostly included 6 hours or more of continuous lecturing on his part. By far, the longest and most awkward conversation was the sex talk. (Definitely not looking forward to that conversation with my kids.)

But my fondest memory with my Dad was fixing the 1980 Camero. We would spend hours under the hood fixing her up, making her look pretty with awesome racing stripes. Then, we finally took her out and my Dad drove my best friend Tania and I to our first day of highschool. Best day ever!

Determination and the ability to overcome any obstacle are qualities that my Dad have passed down to both myself and my brother, I will always be grateful for everything he has taught us.

Funny, how running into a neighbor in the grocery store and talking about fixing his ball bearings with old scrap metal and his welding skills brought old memories of my Dad. I guess he reminded me of my Father’s innovative ideas when it came time to fixing things without having any money. It’s all about having a positive outlook!

Love you Dad ♥️



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