Family Trailblazer…

One word; unwavering, is the best way I can describe him. Gentle and kind, his soul is pure. Mastering his true calling by following his passion, rising up to the occasion and never surrendering. His work ethic and methods are undeniable, and he has been granted a remarkable gift with artistic abilities that have touched so many lives in wonderful ways.

Looking back, I was the overprotective, overbearing, controlling sister. I remember panicking whenever Sammy was hurt (which was often), or not by my side when we were young. I held his hand while we walked to school together for the longest time and even took a few beatings by bullies for him. It’s silly, but I’ve always been so overprotective and worried about every little thing. My parents would  remind me constantly that I am not his mother, but I just couldn’t help it. One day in elementary school, he had fallen off a slide and broke his wrist. Panic set in and tears were streaming down my face as I sat in the Principal Office, I was waiting for my parents to come and pick me up. They had went ahead to the hospital and left me at school in the meantime, it was torture waiting for them. Time stood still, all I could think about was not being by his side.

As the years went on, we always remained very close but we argued constantly. All siblings argue! But, I was always especially tough on my brother, in my mind I thought I was doing him a favor and it would eventually help him, but it eventually caused a wedge in our relationship. I’ve now learnt what emotional damage it has caused for him, and it wasn’t until I sat down and truly listened that I was able to finally see what effect it had on him. Instantly I felt remorse and guilt, I then explained the reason I had been so tough and critical on him; I was trying to shield him from negative experiences I had lived through by strengthening his ability to handle difficult situations, even if it meant him becoming resentful towards me. But, I’ve now learnt to reduce my controlling tendencies and accept the fact that we all have to go through hardship at one point or another in life, it’s inevitable.

I have always been proud of his accomplishments, but neglected to share this with him. I figured he would know how I felt, but that assumption was not the case. I had been fixated on criticizing or advising my brother to start a proper career and push his dreams aside, rather then being supportive and giving him the proper recognition he deserved. To tell you the truth, I was envious of his journey. I was never able to follow my initial dream or so I thought and I took it out on my brother. It is unfair, but we tend to take out our emotions on the people we love the most and it happens all the time. At one point or another, every family has fallen apart or became distant over a dispute, an opinion, or even a rivalry but nothing remains broken forever.  We can take control and apologize or forgive, but it will take strength, courage and forgiveness from all affected parties.

Boomtown Tattoos officially opened their doors January 2019 in London Ontario and Sammy has become a sought out name in the Tattoo Industry. Continue being you little brother, all my love.


“Family is so important, and life is too short. Enjoy and bring joy to those around you, because nothing last forever.” – Tracy