Dancing in September…

Love is something we all strive to achieve, it is a universal emotion that we all collectively share. But, love for me is best described by David R Hawkins “Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others.”

As cliche as it sounds, I married my high school sweetheart. He appeared out of the blue and left me in shock after our first meeting. I was sixteen and was completely obsessed with Avril Lavigne and dressed the part. At the time, I would wear studded belts, spiked bracelets, skater shoes and even straightened my hair with a clothing iron! Skateboarding was a skill I tried to learn (keyword),but being uncoordinated and hitting the pavement with my face happened more times then I would like. During lunch, our group of friends would sit and play asshole and I’d be mastering my ping pong skills. I had been dating guys that were either too emotional, distant, or completely incompatible. Nothing serious, it was high school after all. But, everything changed for the better when I met him.

The day that I met Joey was the beginning of an amazing journey. It all started with a simple request; he walked right up to me in the cafeteria during lunch hour and asked if we could share the chair where I was sitting. I quickly responded yes and we had our backs to one another and he was talking with our friend Al and I was chatting with Tania. Such a strange request, but it worked! The following days he would walk me to class or to my locker before I walked home. He was quiet, shy almost and we spent countless hours playing battleship and talking on MSN Messenger. Luck would have it, he eventually asked me to be his girlfriend over messenger of all things! I responded with; no you will ask me in person. The very next day he walked up to me before the first period and asked me again, I said yes and gave him a kiss before heading into my first class. We’ve been together ever since that day.

From that day on, I not only gained a best friend, but my future husband. Afterwards, our group of friends banded together and our crew formed, we were quite the band of misfits. It’s funny, six of our friends that stood in our wedding ended up together. It’s almost like we were the cast in the show friends, quirky, nerdy, and very different individuals found a way to blend as a group and became the best of friends. I couldn’t ask for better friends, we have all been through thick and thin and managed to remain in eachother lives. The one couple’s love story is something right out of a Nicholas Sparks novel, she broke things off for a few years and had to travel across the world and back to finally realize he was the one for her! Awe, such a sweet story. (You both know who you are!)

The best part of being with Joey is that he understands me in everyway and we both enhance eachother lives for the better. He is my better half, he is the light to my darkness. He is my twin flame. It isn’t always easy, trust me we have had our fair share of heated arguments. But the thought of living my life without him is out of the question, no matter how hard it becomes. I love how he loves me and how I love myself when we are together. He is an amazing father to our children and he would do anything for us. For me, actions speak louder than words and his actions of love, kindness, support, understanding, sillyness and compassion have kept our love stronger than ever.

“The moment I met you, is the moment the earth beneath my feet began to shift.” -Loner Wolf

Love Tracy