The Three Musketeers…

I specifically remember the day I gave birth to all three of my children. Even though my husband may say otherwise! He mentioned that my concept of time was off and that I was to influenced by medicine and laughing gas to remember absolutely every detail during my labor. He may have had a point, but at the end of the day, the feeling of pure love was unwavering and undeniable, it only took one glance of their perfect little faces and knew I would love and support them until my very last breath.

Trent, he is my inquisitive mind. His mind races constantly, always firing questions and wanting to know the what, where, how, who and why. He is brilliant with numbers and can give me a run for my money with equations. He is such a soft hearted soul, and daydreams often. I have often found him humming away while he looks up at the sky all the while walking into a brick wall! Very clumsy, but then, he brushes himself off and continues his day like nothing happened. He makes me laugh out loud with his funny remarks or thought process. He once believed we could just build a spaceship and fly to the moon and then come back in time for diner. There is nothing that seems to hold him back, which I love. He is very thoughtful and kind, I once received a note from school stating that he had helped another student from another school finish a cross country marathon race because the student had fallen and hurt his foot, so Trent had walked by his side until they finished the race together. He ended up coming in very last, but he was happy he was able to help. He is empathetic and knows how to read people’s emotions, he can easily tell how someone is feeling. He is also very curious in learning about finances, which is no surprise, since I worked in banking for a decade. He often quizzes me on how much are the mortgage payments, vehicle payments and has even asked me about interest rates. Who knew he paid attention to my several conversations with my husband regarding our finances. The brainchild, I was pregnant during my second year in College and I remember thinking to myself that he would be learning a great deal and would eventually become a great mind. I had been correct on my assumptions and I look forward to helping him in reaching his full potential. But, I often remind him to enjoy being a just a kid. Because time is very tricky and next thing you know, he will be an adult with plenty of responsibilities and have several opportunities in discussing more mature subjects.

My flower child, Sagittarius middle syndrome daughter Gabrielle is such a beautiful soul. A true artist, paint, brush and canvas in hand at all times. She is my sidekick in my rom-com Netflix marathons. Her soul is on another wave length, she is so calm, peaceful and nonchalant. I envy her and I often have a hard time believing she is my child, but then I look at my husband and see so much of him in her. Even her delivery was cool, calm and collected. I had made the nurses and midwives laugh the entire time, and she came out without much effort and she was surrounded by tears of joy from my husband, mother in law and myself. She loves to smile and laugh, I often find my husband and her laughing and having tickle fights. They are one in the same. Her nose is always in books, she loves cuddling in her nook and reading. I have often found Gabrielle mothering her younger sister in a sweet and thoughtful way, she would sit with her and help her read and help complete her homework and tuck her in during bedtime. It warms my heart and brings me joy being around her, she can easily bring happiness to anyone’s day. A true gift that is essential in this day and age, a teacher in sorts. It’s funny, because her dream is to teach one day and I have no doubt she will reach that goal and teach so many on becoming a better version of themselves, because she is her father’s daughter and he has helped me become a better version of myself.

Finally, my little firecracker. She is full of spunk, guts and has absolutely no fear. She came out like a bat out of hell, her labour was the opposite of Gabrielle. My midwife took a five foot dive trying to run towards my hospital bed from the doorway in order to catch her. My husband almost had to take control and catch our daughter but luckily the midwife managed to get in place at the right time. I was four centimeters dialated and I was sitting at the edge of the bed having the anesthesiologist insert the epidural and out of no where Camille’s head was out and then the circus began, my midwife reaction was “in all my years of delivering babies, I have never experienced this ever!” Camille does what she wants, when she wants it. No excuses, no asking for permission and absolutely no deniability that she is just like me. But, she has a very shy side and like me she will have to overcome it like I have. At home she is herself completely, yet in public she is reserved and seldom talks to anyone. At her school, I was often asked if she talked at all, she does when she feels like it. The only teacher that as managed to help Camille come out of her shell is Mme Natalie, and has helped her immensely. I will be forever grateful for her support with Camille. Her true passion is hockey though, she lives, eats and breathes hockey. She has overcome so many obstacles and has persevered everytime, it truly amazes me to see the sheer determination she demonstrates. She is always trying to better her skills and never says no to a practice, game or tournament. On game day or practice she is watching the clock waiting patiently for us to leave and sometimes says let’s go or we will be late mom! Goalie position is what she has dreamt of doing since she could skate at 3 years old. I love watching her play, she is so humble and never takes any credit for the multiple glove saves during a game. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and I can see her fighting for those who cannot. She loves attention and demands it at all times and makes bold statements with her sense of style, a true proud Leo. We do butt heads often, but we are so alike it only makes sense this would happen on a daily basis. She is a born leader and will persevere in making her dream of playing hockey professionally a reality.

I am truly blessed and lucky to have such bright, beautiful and thoughtful children. They suprise and teach me lessons everyday, like when they received money for Christmas and demanded I deposit it into their college/university fund. (Proud moment for sure!) Of course life becomes hectic and raising three can be tedious and overwhelming most times, I would never change or takeaway any moments I have shared with each one of them. Those moments have made me laugh, cry, love, scream and often times question my sanity but that’s what my life is all about; raising a beautiful family that truly love each other no matter what obstacles come our way.