Blue Monday, Bright Days Ahead…

It’s that day today folks, the most depressing day of the year. Great!…Here I am wondering who thought of the idea and why they decided to label every third Monday of January the most depressing day of the year.

I’ve already seen so many Facebook post, tweets and articles suggesting tips and tricks of how we can beat the Monday Blues, by taking in more Vitamin D through sunshine, eating proper food, taking the correct medication/supplements or by speaking to a professional. But, how about changing the title or taking it away all together?

Yes, I realize that depression is a serious condition, I am currently battling this myself and I have my good and bad days even with proper medication and therapy. But, for those with this illness, everyday can be a Blue Monday and not only the one day in January. I would recommend changing the day to Support Monday for example, and focusing the conversation on examples of how family and friends can actually put into action their support for their friends/family members suffering with depression.

We have been focusing on having the conversation about depression which is fantastic, don’t get me wrong it is absolutely necessary.

Bell let’s Talk Campaign and other similar campaigns are very beneficial.

But, for me the actions of loved ones and friends have made a huge difference in my day to day struggles. For instance, receiving a ready made meal from my sister in law during a difficult time (she was a godsend for that action and it was truly appreciated). Or, having my best friend take my children for an afternoon hike and bringing them to the beach in order to give me a break and focus on my mental health (I honestly have the greatest friends ♥️). My mother and husband have also been other very important people in my life that have supported me through their daily actions by enduring my constant mood swings and irate behaviors. They may not have in depth deep conversations regarding my mental well-being, but their actions speak louder then words.

So, I say let’s focus more on changing the title of Blue Monday to Support Monday, this can be applied across the board to any illness, disability or difficult time anyone close to you may be personally experiencing. If you are not sure what action you can take, simply ask the person in need.

The simplest action one can do is by being nice and taking the time to smile, the power of this small gesture can mean so much to an individual suffering in silence.

Depression is a constant battle for many, but focusing on the positive aspects in my life are what I am currently thriving to achieve. Let’s remove the negative connotation that Blue Monday may cause for so many and begin thinking of positive actions we can bring to the table for those suffering.

Let’s make the change! Mrs Money Queen

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