The mystical crow…

Painted by Mrs Money Queen

One of my favorite stories is about my uncle and my father finding a helpless crow. They took him in and mended his broken wing, my father had mentioned that my uncle charlie loved that crow.

This magnificent animal has been a memento of sorts throughout my life, my father always spoke in high regard when it came to the mysteries associated with crows. He has told me that seeing one was a good omen and that the animal would watch over me and would ensure safe passage. Ever since then, I have seen a crow at the same place for years on my way to and from work. I always brushed off his superstitious beliefs, but only up until a few years ago when I visited a medium for the very first time.

The medium was in with my mother and was insistent that a man was trying to come through and speak with her, and she did not recognize who was trying to come through so they continued on with their session. When it came time for my turn, all I could think of my uncle Charlie and that crow… Turns out the man trying to come through was him, he had committed suicide in his early twenties in Montreal and jumped off the bridge. I had never met him, but his story and my father’s sadness came rushing through during that session, my uncle’s way to come through and communicate with my father and now me was through the form of a crow. My father had found out of his brother’s passing through a school friend and he was devastated, he felt a very close connection with his older brother Charlie. His way of commemorating the passing of his brother was to honor his memory with the story of healing a crow alongside his older brother he looked up to, his compassion for this animal was a lesson my father would never forget.

So many associate negative connotation to this animal, often symbolizing war, death and misfortune. However for me, I see things from a different perspective, for me the crow signifies change, magic and clairvoyance. This article depicts my sentiments towards this beautiful animal;

The crow is an omen of change. Because they represent ancient magical laws and wisdom, when the crow calls to us, we have an instant flash of our authentic self; the crow sees our soul self. Crows have been known to build their nests very high up, giving them the chance to watch everything that is going on around them. By tuning into the sound of its call, it can remind you of who you are and what you are capable of.

You are being reminded that the answers to your questions are waiting to be discovered ahead of you and that you must look beyond your present range of vision, and to get out of your familiar comfortable space. Crows are adaptable to all environments and will eat almost anything. They can survive in almost any situation so when one presents itself to you it is reminding you that you can adapt and that now is the time for major change to take place that will awaken your authentic soul.

Crows not only harbor the message of change but remind us about the creation and magic all around us. The crow’s striking black color represents the color of creation. It is the womb out of which the new comes into existence. Black is the color of the night, giving birth to the light of a new day. This is a representation of the immense power each and every one of us holds to take hold of our own destiny.

It is also said that the crow can also appear for you to begin to use your “second sight”, the gift of clairvoyance. This is the gift that allows you to see beyond what we are humanly capable of, and a gift that can allow us to see into the spirit realm.

Animals have been symbols and gifts from the spirit realm for ages, but modern and scientific discoveries have overshadowed our spiritual beliefs. Individuals who believe in something beyond any scientific explanation are often mocked and not taken seriously. One of the main reasons why I have hidden my spiritual beliefs, because too many associate negative and derogatory connotations in regards to the spirit realm. My goals is to break those barriers by living authentically, becoming adaptable and by using my gifts for the greater good.

“Creativity comes from the spiritual realm, the collective consciousness. And the mind is in a different realm then the molecules of the brain. The brain is the receiver, not the source. – Candace Pert”

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