Mrs Money Queen

Tracy aspired and pushed herself at a very young age to learn to paint and draw. Started as a hobby, which grew into a side business in 2020 that eventually allowed her to manifest her multi-disciplinary artistic passions. Inspired by her father, he shared tools, tips, and knowledge that have been monumental throughout her journey. She has done several airbrushed murals which are on display in downtown Sturgeon Falls and has done many charcoal portraits for paying patrons. Hosted several paint nights, including the most recent event in May 2022 for Pride Month, all money raised ($2000) was donated to the West Nipissing Pride Committee. Finally, she is currently working on a French children’s book as an artistic illustrator.

She has also accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the financial industry (2008-2017) throughout her career in banking as a financial advisor. Her focus was primarily based on sharing her financial knowledge and investment expertise in order to help her clients manifest their financial dreams/goals, in turn, it has helped them make lasting changes in their personal lives. She believes that money is not the end goal, but rather the fuel and means that allow us to accomplish our true non-monetary dreams. Our thoughts surrounding money do not need to be restricted based on statistics and rigid guidelines alone. Thinking outside of the box is key and shifting our behaviors help remove any restrictions/roadblocks many people think they may have laying ahead of themselves.

Tracy’s career focus shifted in 2017 when she lost her best friend and started her own soul-working journey. She felt lost, unable to recognize herself in the mirror, a shell of herself. During the grieving process, Tracy found comfort in visiting several mediums/psychics that helped give her confidence to be herself without fear of judgment. She also obtained professional help from a certified mental health counselor, and the recommendation was to start blogging. Tracy then started her blog at and blogged about all her experiences she had kept inside for years. One of her dear friends also recommended utilizing the essence and miraculous powers of crystals. The power of positive thought, manifestation & coinciding crystals changed everything for her. She realized her career did not define who she was; she was enough on her own, and her dreams of following her artistic passions were far more important. Once she realized this, things started falling into place.

An Artist, Blogger, Podcaster for Refined Reality The Podcast, crystal enthusiast, a full-time working employee with the Government of Ontario, and now co-owner of Soulwork Aroma Boutique, Anything & everything is possible, it’s all about manifesting your dreams through positive thoughts and practicing work/life balance that will help improve your spiritual well-being & self-care.