Mrs Money Queen

An Aries and true to her sign, Tracy is determined, resilient and strong. She values leadership and courage, always working to improve herself daily.

Tracy grew up rather modestly with very little money. Inspiring and pushing her at a very young age to learn the value of a dollar which eventually allowed her to manifest her financial goals. Alongside individuals who have shared tools, tips and knowledge that have been monumental during her journey.

She has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the financial industry throughout her career and has applied it towards helping others reach their full potentials. Along with her diploma, certificates, and a decade worth of experience helping individuals financially, she is ready to take the next step and branch out on her own terms by sharing her personal experiences with others.

Tracy’s focus is primarily based on sharing her past experiences and helping others by teaching them how to manifest their financial dreams, soul work and make lasting changes in their personal lives.

She believes that money is not the end goal, but rather the fuel and means that allow us to accomplish our true non monetary dreams. Our thoughts surrounding money do not need to be restricted based on statistics and rigid guidelines alone, thinking outside of the box is key and shifting our behaviors will help remove any restrictions/roadblocks many people think they may have laying ahead of themselves.  

“Our struggles and accomplishments throughout our journey are how we truly measure our results and our state of mind is an added tool we use in order to let the universe guide us during our journey.”

Tracy aka mrs money queen