Virtual Paint Night w/ Tracy

Spend a night in Paris with me, virtually! ✨ Hosting another paint night / comedy night with yours truly via zoom meeting it will be interactive. The purpose of this event would be to help those most in need, all proceeds of this night will go to our local food bank. They are in desperate need of food / money to help those affected by the Covid-19 Virus and have … Continue ReadingVirtual Paint Night w/ Tracy

Full Moon Manifestation 🌕✨

Full Pink Moon in Libra tonight 🌕✨ guess what I’m doing tonight? Painting of course, prepping and researching my next art project 🎨🍷How will you spend your evening during the full moon… btw another paint night is in the works, I’m hoping to host one this weekend. It will be a two part class. Who is excited!? Here is a bit of info about this Full Moon; “This particular full … Continue ReadingFull Moon Manifestation 🌕✨

The Artist is back 😍

“Awakening” I’ve put down in visual format what I have been experiencing for the past few years. It fully represents the internal chaos and turmoil inside, I have finally given myself time to heal and breath. It has not been easy, some days are easier then others… My emotions are all over the map and I have no control whatsoever. I am relearning how to become who I’ve always dreamt … Continue ReadingThe Artist is back 😍

Hello, my name is hope…

They say most adults reach a financial breaking point in their lives and live paycheck to paycheck or direct deposit to direct deposit haha, don’t feel ashamed if your in that period right now, I am currently living in it too. Based on multiple studies, 31 seems to be the age for high debt loads incurred during events such as; buying a house, getting married, job loss, illness, death or … Continue ReadingHello, my name is hope…